Swinger Couple Boundaries…What is Off Limits?

Sorry...I'm only allowed to look.

Sorry…I’m only allowed to look.

Every once in awhile we receive an email from a visitor asking our opinion on what is and is not okay for a couple in the Lifestyle to be doing.  While we certainly are always willing to help, these are particularly difficult questions to give advice on.  The following is an email we received recently and our response.

My husband and I have been entertaining the swing scene for about a year. Every time we meet an interesting couple, whether or not we bed them, my husband likes to develop a “textual” relationship with the other woman. Sharing detailed fantasies and pictures. I’m not completely innocent as I have one man (from the initial couple we played with) that I still text (my husband knows and does text the other woman sometimes). Occasionally sending a naughty pic. However, its nothing like what my husband wants to continue to do with many other women. Honestly, I don’t have the interest or time. Do you see any potential problems that could arise with him continuing this? Or is this normal behavior among swingers? I just don’t know what other people are doing.  Continue reading

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Swingers Dictionary

Just like any group of individuals who come together in a common interest, swingers have developed their own unique, and sometimes quite amusing, vernacular.  Here for your information is a starter list of common words and phrases you may come across in your lifestyle travels.  Please feel free to expand on this list! Continue reading

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