New Year’s Resolutions – Swingers Edition

New Year's ResolutionsWell here we are again!  Another year has come and gone and it is time to follow that time honored tradition of self introspection and improvement….The New Year’s Resolution!  Generally speaking, the New Year’s Resolutions fall, for most people, into a few well worn categories.

I will exercise more…..

I will lose weight….

I will be a better husband, wife, parent, etc…

I will stop smoking, drinking, shooting heroin…

You get the idea.  Most of us at one time or another has made one of these generic resolutions.  Hell, you might have even followed through and became a better person for the effort.  I’m certainly not going to try and dissuade anyone from trying to improve them!  The purpose of this site, however, is to help Swingers, new and old, get the most enjoyment from the Lifestyle possible.  No matter how long a couple has been in the Lifestyle there is always room for improvement.  Perhaps a New Year’s Resolution is just what the doctor ordered to help us on our way to better, sexier, swinging in 2013! Continue reading

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