6 Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Swinger Profile Stand Out

First Impressions Count!

While we always encourage complete honesty when you design your swinger profile, there are certainly things you can do to make sure you are making as positive an impression as possible.  You will notice as you browse profiles on your swingers site of choice, that you will spend no more than a few moments on most profiles.   Here are a few do’s and don’ts we have picked up over the years.  As always, everyone has his or her preference, these suggestions simply reflect ours. Continue reading

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So…. How Do We Get Started Swinging?

Setting up their profile..

So you have had all the discussions, laid out the ground rules, and had some awesome sex while talking through your swinging fantasies. What is the next step? How do you actually get out there and meet other swingers? Thankfully we have the internet and its vast resources to help us on our quest to find the most compatible swinger prospects. There are many websites out there which the aspiring swinger can use to narrow their search and get the “lay” of the land. Continue reading

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