TheSwingScene Writes a Book! (Why?)

A couple of months ago we were looking at the website metrics, something we seldom do, and noticed that quite a few of the visitors to TheSwingScene had reached the site using the search term “Swinger Stories”.  We found this odd since we have never published what I would consider to be “swinger stories”.   We did find where we had used the tag on a couple of news releases we posted.  While the primary focus of the site has always been to provide real information for couples interested in the Lifestyle, had we forgotten that the Lifestyle is in fact an erotic undertaking?  It is fine to talk about the nuts and bolts of how to be a swinger, but what about the erotic side?  What about the fun part?

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Tips for Smooth Swinging

Things that make you go hmmm????

The choices you make and the perceptions you have ultimately set the tone for how much fun you get out of swinging. These tips come from my own past experiences; both successful times and those monumentally screwed-up.  I hope some of them will be helpful in getting you started in the right direction. Continue reading

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