Swingers and DRAMA…

Not a good sign….

Drama is a term thrown around quite a lot in the Lifestyle. Simply put, drama happens when people bring either their personal, or their relationship, issues into Lifestyle situations. It is my opinion that everyone and every couple have drama at one time or another. How people handle that drama goes a long way in ultimately determining how successful they will be in the Lifestyle. That being said, what do you do when the people you are with suddenly erupt at each other or worse yet, at you? Don’t assume just because you and your partner are on the same page that others you may be with are equally in tune. We have had situations go from, “Wow…we scored tonight!” to “Shit…I hope they don’t have a gun!” in the blink of an eye! Trust me when I tell you, there is nothing you can do to salvage that kind of situation. Continue reading

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Tips for Smooth Swinging

Things that make you go hmmm????

The choices you make and the perceptions you have ultimately set the tone for how much fun you get out of swinging. These tips come from my own past experiences; both successful times and those monumentally screwed-up.  I hope some of them will be helpful in getting you started in the right direction. Continue reading

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