Swinger Vacations III – The Vanilla Vacation Hookup


Could we interest you in a drink?

Could we interest you in a drink?

Our last two articles on Lifestyle vacationing were written based on the assumption that you planned a vacation around Swinging  activities.  While that is a certainly a great way to plan a getaway, the fact remains, most of the time when a couple goes on vacation it is not necessarily with Swinging as the focal point.  We love to travel to California wine country and to the Caribbean among other places and typically not with a group of swingers.  So what does the average lifestyle couple do when they are out of their normal stomping grounds and decide they would like to get a little wild?  It can actually be pretty difficult to set up a last minute rendezvous in a strange city.  While most swinger websites have some sort of “Booty Call” feature which allow people looking for last minute hook ups to connect, there isn’t always a compatible couple available at your beck and call.  Your swinger site of choice may be regional in nature and not even have any members in the area you are traveling.  Does this mean you are completely out of luck?  Maybe not… Continue reading

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So…. How Do We Get Started Swinging?

Setting up their profile..

So you have had all the discussions, laid out the ground rules, and had some awesome sex while talking through your swinging fantasies. What is the next step? How do you actually get out there and meet other swingers? Thankfully we have the internet and its vast resources to help us on our quest to find the most compatible swinger prospects. There are many websites out there which the aspiring swinger can use to narrow their search and get the “lay” of the land. Continue reading

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