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Is Being A Swinger The Right Choice For Me? – Wikipedia defines swingers, or swinging, as “ non-monogamous behavior, in which partners in a committed relationship agree, as a couple, for both partners to engage in sexual activities with other people, sometimes referred to as recreational or social sex.”

Swingers Dictionary – Handy reference article for people new to the Swinging Lifestyle. Some of the terms can be a bit confusing…let us give you a head start.

So…How Do We Get Started Swinging? – How do you actually get out there and meet other swingers? Thankfully we have the internet and its vast resources to help us on our quest to find the most compatible swinger prospects.

6 Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Swinger Profile Stand Out – Basic information to help couples design a swinger profile to meet other swingers.

Tips for Smooth Swinging – Tips for making your swinging experiences go as smoothly as possible.

Swinging Etiquette – Etiquette for Swingers. Simple common sense do’s and Don’ts concerning swinging and the Lifestyle.

Do Swingers Have Happy Marriages? – A link to a report on the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality website concerning Swinging.

How Do I Get My Wife Into Swinging? – A discussion of how to broach the subject of swinging with your wife.

How To Organize Your Own Swingers Party – The process of hosting a good swinger’s party at your own home.

Swinging and STD’s:  Have Fun While Playing Safe – A look into the most common swinger STDs, and things that you can do to help protect you and your partners while swinging.

Swingers’ Resorts in the USA – A quick overview of swingers’ resorts as a whole and a summary of top US swingers’ resorts

Swing at Sea: Swingers’ Cruises – Looking into taking a specialty swingers’ cruise and specific cruise lines for swingers.

Tips for a Swingers’ Online Photo Gallery – Ways to perk up your online swingers profile through the addition of a photo gallery.

Swinging and Statistics – Actual statistics about the swinging lifestyle and what it means to be a modern swinger.

What Swinging is Not – A real overview of swinging through the dispelling of commonly held myths and misconceptions.

Swinging For Older Couples – Swinging is for mature couples too! It just tends to be slightly different in a variety of ways.

Choosing the Right Partner for Swinging – Tips on how to choose the right swinging partner to help you break into the lifestyle.

The Truth About Jealousy and Swinging – Jealousy is a part of life and can be a part of swinging too. This is an overview of how to address it and how it can influence your decision to swing or not.

Swingers and Friends – How to handle swinging and those closest to you

Identifying Fellow Swingers – How to identify other swingers.

Swingers and Drama! – Don’t assume just because you and your partner are on the same page that others you may be with are equally in tune. We have had situations go from, “Wow…we scored tonight!” to “Shit…I hope they don’t have a gun!” in the blink of an eye!

The Swing Scene Writes a Book! (Why?) – theswingscene put together an e-book of a naughty nature…

Swinging Vacations – Face it, an adult vacation or weekend retreat is tailor made for Lifestyle activities. You are out to relax…and there is something about a strange hotel room that brings out the horny in people!

Swinging Vacations II – Lifestyle Cruises – Information on Swinger Cruises…from booking a few rooms, to taking over an entire ship!



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