TheSwingScene Writes a Book! (Why?)

A couple of months ago we were looking at the website metrics, something we seldom do, and noticed that quite a few of the visitors to TheSwingScene had reached the site using the search term “Swinger Stories”.  We found this odd since we have never published what I would consider to be “swinger stories”.   We did find where we had used the tag on a couple of news releases we posted.  While the primary focus of the site has always been to provide real information for couples interested in the Lifestyle, had we forgotten that the Lifestyle is in fact an erotic undertaking?  It is fine to talk about the nuts and bolts of how to be a swinger, but what about the erotic side?  What about the fun part?

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Swingers and DRAMA…

Not a good sign….

Drama is a term thrown around quite a lot in the Lifestyle. Simply put, drama happens when people bring either their personal, or their relationship, issues into Lifestyle situations. It is my opinion that everyone and every couple have drama at one time or another. How people handle that drama goes a long way in ultimately determining how successful they will be in the Lifestyle. That being said, what do you do when the people you are with suddenly erupt at each other or worse yet, at you? Don’t assume just because you and your partner are on the same page that others you may be with are equally in tune. We have had situations go from, “Wow…we scored tonight!” to “Shit…I hope they don’t have a gun!” in the blink of an eye! Trust me when I tell you, there is nothing you can do to salvage that kind of situation. Continue reading

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Identifying Fellow Swingers

Swinging is normally at its best when it is played down. More experienced and mature swingers will freely admit to the perils of shouting your lifestyle preference from the rooftops. Like anything that is not widely accepted in the mainstream, swinging is treated with fear, suspicion, and even just sheer discomfort by the majority of individuals who have not truly looked into the idea. While swinging is certainly not for everyone, those who decide that it is the best personal choice for for them and their partner after a decent amount of research and self reflection normally are happier with their decision and within their life as a whole. Yet, that happiness normally only stays constant when the people involved in the lifestyle keep things on the down low.

This concept of keeping quiet about the lifestyle is not new and will probably be a around for a very long time—at least until the mainstream finally recognizes it as a separate lifestyle which is to be respected like the others. However, all swingers will start to notice that there are certain drawbacks which are associated with not sharing your joy. While keeping the lifestyle to yourself and only those who you have carefully arranged to swing with is truly necessary for the time being, being happy means that you want to share your happiness. The best way to do this is of course to reach out to friends and family. It becomes a problem when your current friends and family members do not truly understand or accept the lifestyle though. How can you reach out to share your enjoyment with others when you do not know who you will offend or you can trust? Continue reading

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