Is Being a Swinger Still Taboo?

secretSo at a party recently, after many a beverage was consumed, someone I’m talking to points toward another couple and said, “I think they’re swingers”. I looked at them and asked why they thought that. They shrugged and evaded a real answer. They danced around a word or two and then the conversation changed to a different topic. I later asked the person pointed to if they were swingers as someone claimed they were. Maybe I was just pushing an envelope or testing boundaries….but I was also curious to know the answer. As many more of a beverage had been consumed at that point, she just smiled, giggled and said, “I don’t know” all coyly and bashful and trotted off. Continue reading

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Swinging Etiquette

Ummmm.... No...

Emily Post, an American author whose name is synonymous with manners defined etiquette as: a code of behaviour based on thoughtfulness. Etiquette is used in all things social from how to act at work, to acceptable behaviour in church and at weddings. What is proper and improper in swinging is no different. Swinging etiquette does not require the same manners as when meeting the Queen of England but there ARE a certain set of ‘should’ and ‘should nots’ that are good to follow to make your Lifestyle experience a smoother one. These are not unlike general rules of etiquette when one is in the dating scene. Continue reading

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Tips for Smooth Swinging

Things that make you go hmmm????

The choices you make and the perceptions you have ultimately set the tone for how much fun you get out of swinging. These tips come from my own past experiences; both successful times and those monumentally screwed-up.  I hope some of them will be helpful in getting you started in the right direction. Continue reading

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