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Hi there. I'm Andrea Marc. My husband and I have been swinging for the past four years. It was definitely a learning experience at first, and I want to share the knowledge we acquired to help you make the decision to get into swinging or not in addition to all the extras involved if you decide that you do want to become a swinger. Swinging is a process, and you should not be afraid to back out if you find out that it is not for you.

Identifying Fellow Swingers

Swinging is normally at its best when it is played down. More experienced and mature swingers will freely admit to the perils of shouting your lifestyle preference from the rooftops. Like anything that is not widely accepted in the mainstream, swinging is treated with fear, suspicion, and even just sheer discomfort by the majority of individuals who have not truly looked into the idea. While swinging is certainly not for everyone, those who decide that it is the best personal choice for for them and their partner after a decent amount of research and self reflection normally are happier with their decision and within their life as a whole. Yet, that happiness normally only stays constant when the people involved in the lifestyle keep things on the down low.

This concept of keeping quiet about the lifestyle is not new and will probably be a around for a very long time—at least until the mainstream finally recognizes it as a separate lifestyle which is to be respected like the others. However, all swingers will start to notice that there are certain drawbacks which are associated with not sharing your joy. While keeping the lifestyle to yourself and only those who you have carefully arranged to swing with is truly necessary for the time being, being happy means that you want to share your happiness. The best way to do this is of course to reach out to friends and family. It becomes a problem when your current friends and family members do not truly understand or accept the lifestyle though. How can you reach out to share your enjoyment with others when you do not know who you will offend or you can trust? Continue reading

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Swingers and Friends

When it comes to swinging, there are several misconceptions in the public eye. These widely held assumptions might not seem like a big deal to many people who are new to swinging. I mean, they are not true so why would it matter? Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and it matters a great deal more that it probably should.

The common misconceptions are basically what everyone outside of the lifestyle thinks it is. Most people tend to believe that the swinger lifestyle died out ages ago during the 1950s and 1960s with key parties and wife swapping rather than gotten stronger and simply pulled out of the mainstream. Many also think that swinging is degrading to women, indicates a toxic relationship, and can even be the reason behind so many failed marriages and committed relationships. Swingers who have just entered the lifestyle recently will probably know all about these incorrect assumptions if they chose to do their homework before diving into the swinging world. However, they might not know just how these misconceptions can lead to problems in their personal lives. Continue reading

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The Truth About Jealousy and Swinging

Jealousy is an obvious issue that you and your partner need to address before you even begin swinging. Not dealing with this potential problem before hand will certainly come back to bite you in the rear in a very big way. If you are the jealous sort (particularly about sexual infidelity), you should stay away from swinging. The lifestyle really is not for everyone, and you should not feel ashamed or upset that you become jealous about the emotional and sexual ties to your spouse or committed partner. Continue reading

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